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06/26/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Unzipping The Human Heart

A Deep Listening Project
06/26/2017 Courtesy Post Request WebSpirit networked community logo

Gentle Yoga

at Rose Yoga with Marion
06/25/2017 WebSpirit Member profile photo

Communication Skills for Challenging Times

Communicating in a Conflict (and how to prevent them!)
06/24/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Your Unfolding Now

Enjoying Your Precious Human Nature
06/24/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Self-Compassion Training

Enjoying Your Precious Human Nature
06/23/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Neighborhood Yard Sale

Corner of Dianne and Jaquelyn Streets
06/22/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

1st Saturday Community Market

Hosted by Ashland's Bellview Grange
06/21/2017 Courtesy Post Request WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Music with Chris Berry & Al Torre & Diane Patterson

Join us for a ceremonial evening
06/21/2017 WebSpirit Member Professional Logo

Hanley Farm Music Festival

Music, Wine, Beer and Food
06/20/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Sovereign Woman Retreat

Owning Our Health, Fertility and Sexuality
06/19/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Bhakti Village

A One Day Community Gathering at Wellsprings in Ashland
06/15/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

Satsanga and Kirtan with Maetreyii Ma & Liam

06/15/2017 WebSpirit networked community logo

In the Company of the Beloved

Kirtan & Satsanga with Maetreyii Ma & Liam

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