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WebSpirit NEWS

This is Your WebSite

Use the site as your own. Come market your own site. Learn how to do it. Enjoy the learning and the doing. help the self and the whole around it. - See more at

Welcome to Your Re-Newed Community Website !

Do you Know its Yours? Beautified with photos and logos of you and your neigbors. This site empowers locals as a community and reaches out on behalf of locals.

There are so many more improvements. This version is designed to please and to serve with best technology.

You can engage with the site through your smart phone now! 

Everyone's use of the systems adds to its value, for the system and for locals and travelers who use it.

Enjoy being a part of this!!!  Let yourself envision what a community and its individuals can do with a strong local communication network.

WebSpirit turns Professional

Professional Members own their presence and usage of their inner website. The Professional Pages serve as sole website or as complement to an external site. Pro Pages

Profile Pics and Logos bring you out

If you have a profile pic or a logo, anything you post on the site will be highlighted by showing your image in several places, in turn with others. This is a member content site, designed to elegantly display active members.

Professional Logos

Notice the logo in Professional Pages. As a Professional Member, if you have a logo uploaded into your WebSpirit account settings:

** it will automatically be placed in the top left of your own Professional Home Page.

** your personal photo will also be placed in the bottom of all of your posts. 

** your recent posts will be displayed in the top "Pro Posts" highlight.