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All the WebSpirit Community members have been moved into this new website. Not all of your information was moved, your password must be reset, and your new profile awaits you.


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Ashland Halloween

Ashland Halloween

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Have you have been a member of WebSpirit Community?

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We will be excited when you reconnect, like this: reset your passwordlog in | enjoy the new member tools
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I hope you will log in and contribute your energy. Offers to community, something to sell? A new Forum discussion topic?

The Vision: To strengthen and organize communications among Community Members in support of the New Way of Life we are learning, including efficient exchange of resources and ideas, enjoyment of chosen Personal Communications, systems for Unifying Community Activities, and increased Receiving and Giving opportunities.

This service includes:


Community Forums
Member Messaging
Member Events Calendar
Offers and Needs Classified Posts
Chat Rooms (in process)
Member supplied Resource Links

Most of these systems are ready to be used, so, as first time users, please let me know if something isn’t working as expected. Fine tuning will come later, but the systems should function in the meantime.

I am  Co-Founder The Ashland Chronicle, and independent online local grassroots news site.  Also as the developer of WebSpirit we are integrating the two sites. The chronicle is also being re-geared for the times. So look forward to a cohesive centralize place to come to meet your needs.

Every where I turn, I see how WebSpirit could help integrate us in this movement towards Community Connection and Reliance. Now more than ever we need to learn from one another, exchange our goods back and forth, help each other, generally become more empowered by virtue of group connections.

Forums and groups are already set up, but members may add more. This is a Community Hub, content submitted by members, development subject to member feedback.

Use the tools here to offer help to those struggling, to energize groups of people to focus on redesigning our local culture, to offer your unneeded objects, to sell your wares and services, or just to engage with others in topics of interest.

Over 3000 members from the previous life of WebSpirit Community have been migrated into this new system. Let’s keep that growing! It’s always been an online community with periodic local events. Now, the online aspect is strengthened to help us get through these strange times.

Sharon Miranda

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